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Susan Ballou, MSMemberRetired FellowCriminalisticsUnited States [email protected]61271
Thomas Bohan, PhD, JDMemberRetired FellowEngineering & Applied SciencesUnited States [email protected]37113
Joseph Bono, MAMemberRetired FellowCriminalisticsUnited States [email protected]37481
Yale Caplan, PhDMemberRetired FellowToxicologyUnited States [email protected]30404
Betty Layne DesPortes, JD, MSMemberFellowJurisprudenceUnited States [email protected]51435
Edmund Donoghue, MDMemberFellowPathology/BiologyUnited States [email protected]35906
Mary Fran Ernst, BLSMemberRetired FellowGeneralUnited States [email protected]25250
Barry Fisher, MS, MBAMemberRetired FellowCriminalisticsUnited States [email protected]37483
Richard Frank, BSMemberRetired FellowCriminalisticsUnited States [email protected]37489
Zeno Geradts, PhDMemberFellowDigital & Multimedia SciencesNetherlands [email protected]23688
John Gerns, MFSMemberRetired FellowGeneralUnited States [email protected]60783
Bruce Goldberger, PhDMemberRetired FellowToxicologyUnited States [email protected]24789
Graham Jones, PhDMemberRetired FellowToxicologyCanada [email protected]36183
Lowell Levine, DDSMemberRetired FellowOdontologyUnited States [email protected]24519
Barry Logan, PhDMemberFellowToxicologyUnited States [email protected]24946
Douglas Lucas, DScMemberRetired FellowCriminalisticsCanada [email protected]25104
Daniel Martell, PhDMemberFellowPsychiatry & Behavioral ScienceUnited States [email protected]25000
Carl McClary, MSMemberFellowQuestioned DocumentsUnited States [email protected]30135
John McDowell, DDS, MSMemberRetired FellowOdontologyUnited States [email protected]24690
Patricia McFeeley, MDMemberRetired FellowPathology/BiologyUnited States [email protected]37597

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