Conduct an Educational & Scientific Webinar with AAFS

Presenting educational webinars is a valuable tool for offering engaging and valuable content on a specific topic.

Forensic science is an ever-changing and developing scientific field that requires rigorous efforts in continuing education. We offer all qualified individuals the opportunity to conduct an educational scientific webinar to the public that we create, host, and market. We provide three different options for conducting your webinar.

Webinar Options

Live Webinar

In a live webinar setting, all speakers and presenters are on camera presenting their educational slides or other content by sharing their screen through our customized Zoom platform. Speakers and presenters have the option of either answering questions in the Q&A session during their presentation or saving some or all questions for the live Q&A session at the end.

Pre-recorded Webinar With Live Q&A

- Most Common -

A “hybrid” webinar combines the use of a pre-recorded presentation with a live Q&A session. Speakers’ and presenters’ cameras are turned off while our Webinar team ensures the pre-recorded video plays and monitors any technical issues with our Zoom webinar platform. Speakers and presenters can answer questions during the playing of their presentation, but will ultimately turn their cameras back on to conduct a live Q&A session.

Pre-recorded Webinar

A fully pre-recorded webinar contains the same aspects of a “hybrid” offering, but questions are answered in direct response to those posted in the Q&A chat box. Once the recording has ended and the speakers and presenters have made their closing remarks, an ending video/slide will be posted thanking attendees and providing instructions on what to expect in post-webinar communications.

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